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Maximal is a new generation “business logic as a service” platform. It enables developers to specify the entirety of business logic and workflows declaratively, and expose it as a service. Backed by a sophisticated constraint logic engine at its core, Maximal is capable of handling all business logic with no upper bound on complexity.

Focus on What, Not How

Maximal uniquely combines declarative object modeling with sophisticated constraint logic programming. Maximal Constraint Language (MCL) is a high level fifth generation language that allows developers to specify the entirety of business logic and workflows as a set of constraints. 

With Maximal, developers focus exclusively on specifying the desired behavior, leaving the ‘how’ part to Maximal. Instead of laying out intricate and often fragile workflow diagrams, they simply make logical statements about when a specific activity (such as an approval) is needed or when an event is generated. Maximal keeps track of the state, automatically evaluates every change, draws inferences, updates the database, generates workflow tasks and events, makes assignments, and so on providing a fully reactive environment.

At Its Heart

Everything You Need

Maximal is a full-featured platform with capabilities for modeling domain objects, business logic and workflows. It is a stateful transactional system backed by relational persistence with efficient object management, caching, query execution, and other standard application server features. Maximal also offers SDKs and tool-kits for web-based application development. Its exhaustive API gives full control to developers. Several domain-specific reference models and applications will be provided over time to cover a wide range of use cases. Maximal is built to be cloud-native and is available at the click of a button.

Ready To Go

Why Build on Maximal

  • Reduce costs and effort; even the most challenging applications take one-tenth the effort.
  • Deliver business value in record time.
  • Evolve applications easily with changing business logic, thanks to Maximal’s specify ‘what and not how.’
  • Enhance applications with clear explanations for decisions, why a field has a given value, why user is being asked a specific question, and such. 
  • Bring real-time reactiveness to applications by taking advantage of Maximal’s instant inferencing capabilities.
  • Deploy easily in any cloud infrastructure and integrate with your preferred cloud services such as databases, queues, notifications, and storage.
  • Use your preferred front-end frameworks such as Angular and React for building custom user experiences. Maximal is not an all-or-nothing platform!

Low Effort


What You Can Build

Maximal is suitable for building a wide range of declarative software solutions across industries.
  • Decision services involving complex logic, e.g., for accelerated underwriting decisioning and risk class determination in life insurance.
  • Intelligent reactive forms that require reflexive questioning and  complex form validation.
  • Dynamic case management solutions in insurance, mortgage, finance and other industries.
  • Complex event processing, fraud detection, compliance related services.

No upper bounds on complexity.

No limits on creativity.

Who We Are

We are technology entrepreneurs and scientists that have built market leading software products for industry verticals such as insurance, finance and engineering. We are early pioneers of constraint-based technologies and have successfully applied them to building enterprise software. Inspired by the results, we are now bringing them to all developers as an easy-to-use platform that is quick to build applications on.


Contact Us

If you enterprise or a partner interested in engaging us in building a solution, we would love to hear form you. If you are  a technologist interested in learning about us and want to work with us, we would be delighted to hear from you as well!

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